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China announced last Monday that all member states of the United Nations are welcome to cooperate with China to jointly utilize its future China Space Station (CSS). 上周一,中国宣布欢送一切结合国成员国同中国合作,配合应用将来的中国空间站。 "CSS belongs not only to China, but also to the world," said Shi Zhongjun, China's ambassador to the UN and other international organizations in Vienna. 中国常驻维也纳结合国和其他国际构造代表史忠俊大使表现:“中国空间站不只属于中国,也属于天下。” "All countries, regardless of their size and level of development, can participate in the cooperation on an equal footing," he said. 他说:“一切国度,不管其巨细和开展程度,都能对等地到场到这次合作中来。”

CSS, expected to be launched by 2019, and complete and brought into operation by 2022, will be the world's first space station that is developed by a developing country and open for cooperation with all UN member states. 中国空间站中心舱估计将于2019年发射,2022年建成并投入运营,届时将成为首个由开展中国度制作的,且面向结合国一切会员国开放的空间站。 Consisting of one core module and two experiment modules, CSS will have the capacity to accommodate up to three astronauts at the same time and maximum six during rotation. 由一个中心模块和两个实行舱构成的中国空间站,将有才能同时包容3名宇航员,而在旋转进程中最多可包容6名宇航员。 Operating in a low-Earth orbit about 400 kilometers above the Earth's surface, CSS will be used in a wide range of research fields, including space medicine, life science, biotechnology, microgravity science, Earth science and space technology. 中国空间站将在间隔地表约400千米高的近地轨道上运转,将被普遍使用于太空医学、生命迷信、生物技能、微重力迷信、地球迷信和航天技能等研讨范畴。