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With a new app from Google, finding outfit inspiration will no longer require hours of scouring the internet. 谷歌又开辟一项新的APP啦,可以不用破费好几个小时来淘本人想要的打扮。 The new shopping feature, Style Match, was just announced as part of Google Lens and it will change the way you shop. 这款新的使用顺序叫Style Match,是Google Lens的新功用之一,它会改动你的购置方法。 The concept is simple - if you see something that you like, you can point your camera at it and your phone will then show you the same item, or similar items, to purchase. 运用观点十分复杂,假如你看上啥,翻开相机功用,然后你的手机就能辨认出相反产物,或许类似产物让你选择购置。 And once you find the exact dress you saw someone on the train wearing, you can purchase it through Google Shopping. 你可以找到和你在火车上看到的人穿的一条如出一辙的裙子,并经过谷歌购物来停止购置。 The app works in real-time by using image-recognition technology - meaning you can purchase a pair of shoes within seconds of seeing them on your coworker's feet. 这款使用能接纳及时图片辨认技能,也便是说在你瞥见同事脚上穿的鞋子几秒钟之内,你就可以完成购置。 You can also see reviews of the item before you purchase, as well as different items in a similar style. 在购置之前你还可以阅读概况,另有类似样式的差别商品的引荐。 According to Google, Style Match also works on home decor. 依据谷歌,Style Match 异样实用于家具装饰品。

This isn't the first fashion-matching app - the app ScreebShop offered a similar shopping experience when it was released last year. 这不是第一款时髦配搭的使用,客岁,ScreenShop就公布了一款提供类似购物体验的功用。 However, Google's version is the first to be built directly into the camera - meaning “you'll be able to browse the world around you, just by pointing your camera.” 不外谷歌是第一个间接经过相机来表现,意思也便是说“翻开相机来阅读身边的天下”。 When you don't have the words to describe the jacket you saw someone wearing on the street into a search bar, Style Match can do the work for you. 你也不用费力在搜刮栏描绘在街上看到一团体穿的夹克是什么样的,Style Match可以帮你完成这个任务。 Currently, the Google Lens app is only available on Android phones and Google Assistant. 现在Google Leas 的使用只能在安卓零碎手机,和谷歌助手下面运用。