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要上天? 优步将与NASA合作研发飞行汽车

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Uber and NASA announced last Tuesday that they're teaming up to simulate flying taxis in urban areas. 上周二,优步公司和美国宇航局(NASA)宣布合作模仿城区中的飞行出租车。 In 2016, Uber unveiled plans to develop electric flying cars to improve transportation in cities, alleviate congestion and provide affordable transportation. 2016年,优步推出方案研发电动飞行汽车以改进都会交通,缓解拥堵以及提供价钱实惠的交通东西。 NASA became a partner for the program a year later by developing air traffic management for a fleet of flying cars. 一年后,NASA成为该项目标合作方,为飞行汽车舰队开辟空中交通办理零碎。

But now NASA wants to help get the concept off the ground even more. Literally. 但是如今,NASA想要协助这个观点获得本质性的阶段。 Uber said it will share its plans for a ridesharing network of flying cars with NASA, which will conduct simulations. 优步表现,将同NASA分享飞行汽车拼车网络方案,将对此停止模仿。 Although the vertical takeoff and landing vehicles seem like glorified helicopters, Uber believes its concept will be safer and cheaper than what's already available. 固然这种垂直起降的汽车好像像是晋级版的直升机,但优步置信这一观点将比现有的交通东西更平安、更便宜。 "Urban air mobility could revolutionize the way people and cargo move in our cities and fundamentally change our lifestyle much like smart phones have," NASA associate administrator Jaiwon Shin said. NASA副局长贾旺·申称:“都会空中交通能够彻底改动搭客和货品在都会中的活动方法,能够会像智能手机一样,从基本上改动我们的生存方法。”