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OneSpace Technology, China's first private rocket producer, announced last Tuesday in Chongqing the maiden launch of the company's OS-X0 solid-fuel rocket is set to take place on May 17 in a test field in northwest China. 中国首家公家火箭消费商零壹空间技能公司上周二在重庆宣布,该公司的OS-X0固体燃料火箭将于5月17日在中国东南部的实验田停止发射。 The company calls it the first flight of a carrier rocket designed and made completely by a private company from China. 该公司称这是国际首枚民营自主设计制造运载火箭的发射。 The rocket has been transported to the test field and the company is busy preparing for the launch. According to a previous report by China Daily, the test field is in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region. 现在该火箭已被运送到测试园地,该公司正忙着预备发射前的任务。依据《中国日报》此前的一篇报道,该实验田位于内蒙古自治区。 The 9-meter-tall OS-X0, called "Chongqing Liangjiang Star," is capable of placing 100-kilogram payloads into an orbit 800 kilometers above Earth. 这一名为“重庆两江之星”的火箭的长度为9米,可以将100公斤的无效载荷送入距地球800公里的轨道。 The rocket can accelerate a new concept craft it's testing to a hypersonic speed of Mach 13, or 4.4 kilometers per second. 该火箭可以以一种新的观点飞行器停止减速,测试后的超音速速率达13马赫,即4.4千米每秒。

Established in 2015 through government endeavors to foster the commercial space sector and encourage participation from private enterprises, OneSpace has become a rising star in the country's space arena. 当局在促进贸易太空范畴开展方面展开了相干任务,并鼓舞私营企业到场出去,以此,2015年景立的零壹空间公司曾经成为我国太空范畴的一颗冉冉升起的新星。 Last May, OneSpace signed an agreement with Chongqing Liangjiang Aviation Industry Investment Group to build its research and manufacturing base in the Southwest China city. 客岁5月,零壹空间公司与重庆两江航空财产投资团体签订了一份协议,将在中国东北部都会建立本人的研发基地。 Chongqing Liangjiang New Area is the third national development and opening zone in China -- the first in the inland -- approved by the State Council, after Shanghai Pudong New Area and Tianjin Binhai New Area. 重庆两江新区是继上海浦东新区和天津滨海新区后,国务院同意的我国第三个国度开展开放区,也是第一个要地本地地域开放区。 The Chongqing base will be put into use by the end of this year, with a research center, a smart manufacturing and assembly center, a test center, an aircraft control and simulation center and specialized labs. Its annual output value is expected to reach 1.5 billion yuan, with the capacity to assemble and test 30 carrier rockets. 这一位于重庆的基地将于往年年末投入运用,包罗一个研讨中央、一个智能制造和组装中央、一个测试中央、一个飞机控制和仿真中央以及专门的实行室。其年产值估计将到达15亿元,具有组装和测试30枚运载火箭的才能。