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A delivery revolution may be on the horizon, if a recent announcement out of Dubai comes to fruition. 假如迪拜近来收回的一则声明得以完成,那么一场货运反动能够行将降临。 A collaboration between Virgin Hyperloop One, the US-based startup, and Emirati supply chain firm DP World, is looking to shake up the freight industry by using super-fast capsules for land cargo transportation. 美国首创公司维珍与阿联酋物流公司DP World正在合作,探究在陆上货品运输中运用超快胶囊高铁来改动货运转业。 Called DP World Cargospeed, the venture claims it will be able to "deliver freight at the speed of flight and close to the cost of trucking." No details of freight prices have been announced thus far. 这家名为DP World Cargospeed的公司宣称,改高铁将可以以“飞行的速率、卡车的本钱提供运输”。详细货运价钱的细节迄今尚未发布。 Hyperloop's all-electric technology -- still in its testing phase -- uses a sealed capsule inside a vacuum tube, propelled by magnetic levitation. 维珍公司现在仍处于测试阶段的全电超等高铁技能,是在真空管内运用密封胶囊,经过磁悬浮推进。

The low pressure environment reduces drag, allowing high speeds to be achieved. Originally conceived by entrepreneur Elon Musk, the idea is being developed by a number of companies. 高压情况低落阻力,可完成高速运输。这个创意最后由企业家伊隆·马斯克设想的,随后被多家公司采用并施行开辟。 So far Virgin Hyperloop One's test capsule has reached speeds of 387 kmph, but the company predicts it will send cargo at a top speed of 1,000 kmph. 到现在为止,维珍公司的测试舱曾经到达387公里/小时的速率,但该公司预测它将以1000公里/小时的最高速率发送货品。 Dubai has become an incubator for transport innovation in recent years, including a number of autonomous vehicles both on air and land. 迪拜比年来已成为运输创新的孵化器,此中包罗一系列陆空主动驾驶汽车。 In February this year a full-scale prototype hyperloop pod was unveiled by the Dubai Road and Transport Authority, with officials speculating a Dubai-Abu Dhabi service could accommodate about 10,000 people every hour. 往年2月,迪拜路途和运输办理局发布了一个全尺寸原型超等高铁车厢,官方估计迪拜--阿布扎比的高铁每小时可运输约10000名搭客。