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Google said in a blog post that it would do a better job of verifying the identity of political ad buyers in the U.S. by requiring a government-issued ID and other key information. 克日,谷歌在一篇博文中表现,该公司将经过要求当局发放的身份证和其他要害信息,更好地核实美国政治告白买家的身份。 Google will also require ad buyers to disclose who is paying for the ad. 别的,谷歌方面还将要求告白卖主阐明是谁为告白付的费。 Google executive Kent Walker repeated a pledge he made in November to create a library of such ads that will be searchable by anyone. The goal is to have this ready this summer. 谷歌高管肯特·沃克重申了他在客岁11月做出的答应,即创立一个可供任何人搜刮的此类告白库。其目的是往年炎天做好预备。

Google's blog post comes short of declaring support for the Honest Ads Act, a bill that would impose disclosure requirements on online ads, similar to what's required for television and other media. 谷歌的这篇博文并没有宣布支持《老实告白法案》,该法案将对在线告白强行施行地下化的要求,这与对电视和其他媒体的要求相似。 Facebook and Twitter support that bill. 脸书和推特则支持该法案。 Google didn't immediately provide details on how the ID verification would work for online ad buys. 谷歌方面并没有立刻提供有关身份验证将怎样在网上告白购置进程中施行的细节。