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凶猛了! 我国首座深海渔场行将建成下水

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China's first deep-sea fish farming facility, Shenlan 1, will be put into use later this month for salmon cultivation in the Yellow Sea, which will enable the country to achieve large-scale breeding of fish in the warm open seas. 我国首座深海渔业养殖配备“深蓝1号”将于本月晚些时分投入运用,在黄海养殖三文鱼,这将使我国完成在暖和的开阔水域大范围养鱼。 The submersible aquaculture facility can dive to a depth of 50 meters and is able to rise or descend according to ambient water temperature, said Chen Qing, head of Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Co, the facility's maker. 该配备制造方武昌船舶重工团体无限公司总司理陈埥称,这种潜水水产养殖设备潜水深度可达50米,将可依据四周水温停止起落。 "It's the first such underwater aquaculture facility in the world," Chen said, adding that Shenlan 1 adopts some military submarine technology. 陈埥表现:“这是天下上第一个该范例的水下水产养殖设备。”他增补称,“深蓝1号”接纳了某些军事潜艇技能。

The cylindrical apparatus can raise about 300,000 salmon in one growth cycle, with the fish spending around a year in Shenlan 1, having a targeted production of 1,500 tons, said Wang Yu, chief designer of Shenlan 1. 深蓝1号总设计师王宇称,这种圆柱状配备在一个生长周期可养育三文鱼约30万条,这些鱼在深蓝1号里养殖1年左右可完成目的产量1500吨。 Wang said that when individual fish reach 5 kg, they will be ready for sale in the Chinese domestic market. From the end of this year until April next year is expected to be the harvest time. 王宇表现,当一条鱼到达5公斤时,就可在我国市场上出售了,估计往年年末至来岁4月将是播种期。 "Salmon is a high-value-added cold-water fish. If it is successful this time, we plan to buy more facilities to raise salmon and other fish with high economic value, including coalfish, to satisfy foodies in China," he said. 他说道:“三文鱼是一种高附加值的冷水鱼。假如这次乐成,我们方案购置更多的设备来豢养三文鱼和其他具有高经济代价的鱼类,比方说黑鳕,以满意中国的门客们。”