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For some, it may only seem like yesterday that pagers, cassette tapes and floppy disks were everyday items. 对有些人来说,寻呼机,磁带,软盘这些常用之物似乎照旧昨天的事变。 But for millenials, these 1990s technologies are completely alien. 但是关于千禧一代,也便是90厥后说,这些究竟是什么鬼,完全没见过。 So alien, in fact, that a new study has found that two thirds of 6-18-year-olds don't know what a floppy disk is and nearly half have never heard of a cassette tape. 之以是这么说,也不是空穴来风,依据最新的一项研讨标明,有三分之二年事在6-18岁的青少年听说过软盘的人只要一半,他们历来都没有听说过磁带。 And although they were widespread in schools in the 1990s, today 71 per cent of children are unfamiliar with overhead projectors. 在20世纪90年月,当时在学校习以为常的高射投影仪,如今也有71%的先生完全不理解。 Researchers at YouGov showed 2,011 children photographs of different technologies and asked them to name each one.[en] 在YouGov研讨者们向2011名儿童展现了差别科技产物的图片,然后让他们辨认。 [en]If they thought they knew what it was, they were asked to write down its name. 假如他们以为本人看法这个产物,就要求他们写下该产物的称号。 The results showed around two-thirds of children (67 per cent) either did not know what a floppy disk is or incorrectly identified it. 研讨后果标明,有三分之二(67%)的先生,不晓得软盘是什么,或许没有图名对应。 Researchers say that several children identified it as a save icon. 研讨者还称,有好几个小冤家把软盘误以为是,(软件Word,Excel等中的)保管按钮。 Under 18s found pagers and Ceefax/Teletext hardest to identify - with 86 per cent of children baffled as to what they could be. 18岁以下的小冤家关于寻呼机和电传视讯简直不理解,此中有86%的小冤家不晓得它们究竟是什么。 However, young people were still able to recognise old-fashioned records and record players with 74 per cent accuracy. 不外,年老人可以认出老式唱片和电唱机的比例到达74%。 They were more memorable than the more recently invented music cassettes, which were wrongly identified by 40 per cent of children. 磁带固然比唱片和唱片机晚创造,但是它的辨识度却不如后两者只要40%。 Twenty three per cent did not know what a postcard was when shown a photo. 有23%的小冤家在看到明信片的照片刻,表现一窍不通。

One of the 27 per cent of children that wrongly identified a typewriter described it as 'a thing that you write movies on'. 有27%小冤家把打本人误以为是,能在下面写影戏脚本的工具。 'Nowadays trends and fashions change faster than ever for all of us, but with children, what's “hot” can go to “not” in no time at all', said Lauren Nasiroglu, associate director of YouGov's Omnibus team. 来自YouGov's 综合团队的副总监Lauren Nasiroglu说道,“如今的盛行趋向或许改动是关于我们来说的,但是关于小冤家,一下很抢手的事物,很快就被淡忘了。” Despite a lack of knowledge about them by the younger generation, retro technology is making a come back for older consumers. 虽然年老一代关于这些老骨董不伤风,不外这些复古科技产物东山再起,遭到上了点年龄消耗者的喜爱。 Earlier this year, Nokia revealed a revamp of its 8110 'banana phone' first seen in 1996 and made famous by 'The Matrix' at Mobile World Congress. 往年的早些时分,诺基亚就另辟蹊径重新刊行了,早在1996年面世的诺基亚8110“香蕉手机”,事先因影戏《黑客帝国》中脚色的运用而风行环球。