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时速32英里! 英国钢铁侠发明飞行速率新记录

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British inventor Richard Browning truly looks out of this world as he makes his mark in the pages of the Guinness Book of World Records. 克日,英国创造家理查德·布朗宁真正做到了放眼望天下,他在吉尼斯天下记录中留下了本人的印记。 Dubbed the "real-life Iron Man", he has broken the record for the fastest speed in a body-controlled jet engine power suit. 有着“理想生存中的钢铁侠”之称的布朗宁,冲破了以身材控制的喷气发起机动力套装最快飞行速率的记录。 Wearing the 40,000 pounds suit which he designed himself, Browning reached 32.02 miles per hour and created a new record, which he himself hopes to "smash" in the future. 身穿本人设计的代价4万英镑的套装,布朗宁的时速到达32.02英里,发明了新的天下记录,他自己盼望将来可以再次革新这一成果。

The suit takes off vertically and can be controlled by moving the arms, while a display screen inside the helmet gives updates on fuel consumption. 这套配备可以垂直降落,可以经过挪动手臂停止控制,头盔外部装载的表现屏则可及时更新油耗情况。 Browning said: "I am delighted we have set the record, and I have no doubt that this is just the beginning." 布朗宁称:“我很快乐创下了这一记录,毫无疑问,这仅仅是个开端。” The Royal Marines reservist, from Wiltshire, said he has long been fascinated by the possibilities of human flight propulsion and worked on his flight suit for three years before debuting it in April. 这位来自威尔特郡的英国皇家水师准备役武士表现,他不断以来都十分着迷于探究人类飞行的能够性,而这款飞行安装在于往年4玉轮相之前,统共消耗了他近三年工夫来打造。 He was inspired by his father, an aeronautical engineer who worked at helicopter manufacturer Westland but wanted to be an inventor. 他的灵感来自于他的父亲。他的父亲是一名航空工程师,曾在直升机制造厂商韦斯特兰公司任务,但却不断想成为一名创造家。