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Scientists are preparing to launch the world's first machine to clean up the planet's largest mass of ocean plastic. 迷信家方案公布环球第一台清算大范围陆地塑料的呆板。 The system, originally dreamed up by a teenager, will be shipped out this summer to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, between Hawaii and California, and which contains an estimated 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic. It will be the first ever attempt to tackle the patch since it was discovered in 1997. 这台呆板的设计初志来自一名少年,往年炎天,它就将运往介于夏威夷和加利福尼亚的平静洋渣滓带,平静洋渣滓带的塑料约有18000亿。自1997年渣滓带被发明以来,这是人类第一次实验处理题目。 The experts believe the machine should be able to collect half of the detritus in the patch – about 40,000 metric tons – within five years. 迷信家以为这台呆板能在五年内搜集一半的渣滓,约莫4万吨。 In the past few weeks they have been busy welding together giant tubes that will sit on the surface of the sea and form the skeleton of the machine, creating the largest floating barrier ever made. 过来几周,迷信家们忙于焊接大型管道,这些管道将被安顿在海面,组成呆板的骨架,也是有史以来最大的浮动屏蔽。 The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) spans 617,763 sq miles - more than twice the size of France, and contains at least 79,000 tons of plastic, research found last month. 平静洋渣滓带高出617763平方英里,是法国疆土面积的两倍,调查队上月发明渣滓带的塑料至多有79000吨。

Most of it is made up of “ghost gear” – parts of abandoned and lost fishing gear, such as nets and ropes – often from illegal fishing vessels. 大局部塑料渣滓都是“废旧器具”,废弃丧失的网鱼东西、渔网渔线之类,通常黑白法网鱼船留下的。 Ghost gear kills more than 100,000 whales, dolphins and seals each year, according to scientific surveys. Seabirds and other marine life are increasingly being found dead with stomachs full of small pieces of plastic. 观察标明,废旧东西每年杀去世十万多只鲸、海豚和海豹。海鸟和其他陆地生物胃里都是塑料,越来越多的生物身后被发明具有如许的症状。 Creatures eat plastic discarded in the sea thinking it’s food but then starve to death because they are not feeding properly. 食用塑料的陆地生物以为塑料便是食品,却由于吃的工具有题目饿去世了。 Others are trapped and die of starvation or are strangled or suffocated by ghost gear. 另有许多生物要么饿去世,要么被废弃东西困住窒息胶葛而去世。