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远程游览也能有苦涩好梦 空客将推出卧铺飞机

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Airbus has announced that carriers will be able to choose from a range of sleeper compartment configurations in the holds of A330 aircraft by 2020 -- and that it's also looking to offer this feature on the A350 XWB. 空客公司克日宣布,到2020年,航空公司将能从一系列带有差别卧铺设置装备摆设的空客A330客机中停止选择。该公司还方案为A350 XWB客机上提供相似安装。 The sleeping modules have been designed by Airbus in partnership with Zodiac Aerospace. 这种卧铺舱是由空客和法国卓达宇航团体合作设计的。 And the manufacture claims that the modules won't affect the aircraft's cargo floor or cargo loading system. 制造商称,这些卧铺舱将不会影响到飞机的货舱地板或货品装载零碎。

Christophe Bernardini, Chief Executive Officer of Zodiac Aerospace Cabin Branch, said: 'We are delighted to work with Airbus on this new and innovative project. An improved passenger experience is today a key element of differentiation for airlines.' 卓达宇航团体客舱部分首席实行官克里斯多夫·贝尔纳迪尼表现:“我们很快乐与空中客车合作研发这一全新的创新项目。搭客体验的提拔是当今航空公司差别化的要害要素。” Geoff Pinner, head of Airbus Cabin & Cargo Program, said: "This approach to commercial air travel is a step change towards passenger comfort. We have already received very positive feedback from several airlines on our first mock-ups." 空客客舱和货运项目担任人杰夫·平纳称:“这种向商用空中游览的实验是向游客舒服度作出一个改动。我们已从数家航空公司那边收到了对首批模子十分积极的反应。” He added: "The innovation builds on both Airbus' and Zodiac Aerospace's experience in producing and integrating lower-deck crew-rest facilities." 他还表现:“由于空客与卓达宇航公司有着消费和整合上层船面机构成员苏息设备的经历,这种创新的结构才得以完成。”