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斗极舆图使用行将上线 准确度达一米以内

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A map app based on the self-developed BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, or COMPASS, is expected to be launched on May 1. 我国将于5月1日公布一款基于自主研发的斗极卫星导航零碎(也称COMPASS)的舆图使用。 The app will provide real-time positioning and navigation, and other information services such as the locations of restaurants and shops. 这款使用将提供及时定位和导航,以及餐厅和市肆地位等其他信息效劳。 As a rival to the US' Global Positioning System, it has precision to within one meter and can precisely locate a lane. 作为美国环球定位零碎的竞争敌手,其准确度达一米以内,能精准定位到车道。

It will provide road sign prompts and voice directions while driving. Based on real-time updates, the Beidou map app can give optimized suggestions. 这款舆图使用将在人们驾车时提供路标提示和语音导航。基于及时更新,斗极舆图使用可给出优化发起。 The GPS-like navigation system is a product of the Chinese National Space Administration and managed by the China Satellite Navigation Office. 这品种似环球定位零碎的导航零碎由中国国度航天局开辟,受中国卫星导航办公室办理。 BeiDou is the world's fourth navigation satellite system, with the others being the US' GPS, Russia's GLONASS, and the European Union's Galileo. 斗极是环球第四大导航卫星零碎,其他三大零碎辨别是美国的环球定位零碎,俄罗斯的格洛纳斯零碎以及欧盟的伽利略定位零碎。