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Today could be the day you finally land that dream job. 明天能够是你终极完成你抱负任务的一天。 Netflix is hiring people to handle the enormous number of new TV shows and movies . Netflix正在招募人手来处置少量的电视影集及影戏。 Basically, Netflix is hiring someone to binge watch Netflix. 总的来说,Netflix正在招人猖獗寓目Netflix。 It just posted a job opening for an editorial analyst of original content, whose responsibilities will include to "watch, research, rate, tag, annotate and write analysis for movie and TV content." 它方才公布了一个合适有原创内容的编辑剖析师的职位空缺,应聘者的职责包罗“寓目、研讨、评价、分级、标注剧集而且为影戏和电视剧内容撰写剖析批评。”

The job requires you to know a thing or two about TV and movies, be able to summarize what you watch, and have a pair of eyeballs you're willing to dedicate to hours of screen time. 这项任务要求你对有关电视和影戏的信息略知一二,可以总结你所看的,并有一双你情愿贡献几个小时给屏幕工夫的眼睛。 And Netflix has a history of good original content, from riveting documentaries like Wild, Wild Country to new-age Westerns like Godless to darkly awesome teen shows like The End of the F淫乱ing World. Netflix拥有一段具有良好的原创内容的汗青,从像《荒原》、《狂野墟落》如许引人入胜的记录片,到像《无神》如许的新期间的西部影戏,再到《去他*的天下》如许的使人畏惧的青少年节目。 There's bound to be some more gems in the 700 shows it's making for 2018. 到2018年必将会有更多的好的作品呈现在700个节目中。 As Steve Jobs once said, "The only way to do great work is to love what you do." Go get 'em. 正如史蒂夫·乔布斯已经说过的,“成绩一番伟业的独一途径便是酷爱本人的奇迹。”