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斯诺登研发新顺序 手机变监控设置装备摆设!

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Edward Snowden is best known for revealing the spy programs of the US's National Security Agency, but his next project is intended to make citizens feel more secure. 爱德华·斯诺登因表露美国国度平安局的特务方案而名声大噪,而他的下一步方案是让大众取得更多平安感。 It's an app, called Haven, that's designed to turn Android phones into all-in-one anti-spy systems. 这是一款名为“Haven”的使用顺序,它能将安卓手机变为一款多功用反特务零碎。 "Imagine if you had a guard dog you could take with you to any hotel room and leave it in your room when you're not there. And it's actually smart, and it witnesses everything that happens and creates a record of it." “试想一下,假如你有一只可以带入任何旅店房间的保镳犬,还可以在出门时将它留在房间,并且这只保镳犬照旧智能的,它可以帮你察看所发作的统统,并记载上去。” The idea is simple: You install the app on a cheap "burner" phone — one that can be thrown away — and then set up the phone in a place you want to monitor. 这个设计十分复杂:将上述使用装置到一款廉价的“一次性手机”(用完就可以抛弃的手机)中,然后再把这台手机放到想监控的所在。

Perhaps you're in a hotel room in Hong Kong, worried that a world power is attempting to spy on your actions. What to do? Install Haven on an otherwise inexpensive Android smartphone. 大概你住在香港的某一旅店内,担忧某种国际权力希图监控你的行迹。你该怎样办?这时,你可以把Haven装置到一部廉价的安卓智能手机之中。 You can program it to start recording or taking photos if someone enters your room. Those recordings can then be sent securely to your personal phone, perhaps through an encrypted-communication tool like Signal. 对此使用停止设置,一旦有人进入房间,就会开启录制或许拍摄形式。这些内容将经过Signal等加密通讯东西平安传输到你的团体手机中。 In so many words, the app is intended to turn a smartphone into a personal security system. 总而言之,这款使用便是要把智能手机酿成一个公家平安零碎。 "We designed Haven as a tool for investigative journalists and people at risk," Snowden says in a video introducing the app. 斯诺登在一段阐明视频中表现:“Haven便是我们为观察记者以及那些深陷风险中的人设计的东西。”