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China's first artificial intelligent (AI) coffee shop made its debut in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, indicating AI has walked closer to people's life. 中国首家人工智能咖啡店于日前在北方都会深圳表态,这意味着人工智能和我们的一样平常生存走得更近了。 The coffee shop, a creative space that offers unmanned services and other functions of AI, was co-built by China's largest intelligent hardware innovation and start-up platform IngDan and US-based robot design company Rethink Robotics. 这家咖啡店是由中国最大的智能硬件创新和创业平台“硬蛋”,以及美国呆板人设计公司Rethink Robotics配合打造的,该创意空间提供了无人化效劳以及人工智能的其他一些功用。 Visitors are thrilled to see robot coffee masters make coffee and robot waiters serve, while things such as voice-controlled lights and audio devices wow them as well. 看到呆板人咖啡师制造咖啡、呆板人效劳员效劳,主顾们都十分高兴,而诸如声控灯和音频设置装备摆设之类的工具也让他们齰舌不已。

The creative coffee shop has attracted many people who want to experience robot services, with some saying the coffee had the flavor of intelligence. 这家创意咖啡店吸引了许多想体验呆板人效劳的人,有人说店内的咖啡“有智能的滋味”。 The robots can interact with customers and express happiness if their services are appreciated. 别的,这里的呆板人还可以与主顾互动,假如他们的效劳失掉赞誉,就会体现出快乐的样子。 Artificial intelligence is being applied to a wider range of fields nowadays, said a person in charge of the experience center, disclosing that AI restaurants, bedrooms, study rooms, and other products will come out in future. 人工智能现在正使用于更普遍的范畴,该体验中央的一名担任人泄漏,在将来,人工智能餐厅、寝室、书房等其他产物也将会推出。