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环球都会第一 上海新动力汽车拥有量打破10万辆!

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Shanghai has become the No 1 city in the world for ownership of new energy vehicles (NEVs), according to data provided by the automobile registration department of Shanghai. 上海市车辆注销部分提供的数据表现,上海已成为环球新动力汽车拥有量最多的都会。 45,060 NEVs were registered in Shanghai in 2016, and total sales of NEVs have exceeded 100,000 between 2013 and the end of 2016. 2016年上海合计上牌新动力汽车45060辆;2013年至2016年年末,上海累计售出新动力汽车逾10万辆。 Shanghai is the only city in the world currently that has more than 100,000 registered NEVs, said Liu Jianhua, head of the city's new energy vehicles promotion office. 据上海市新动力汽车推进办主任刘建华引见,现在上海是环球独一新动力车上牌推行量超越10万辆的都会。 The popularization and the expansion of the market for NEVs in Shanghai have also boosted related industry chains. 上海新动力汽车市场的推行及扩张也推进了相干财产链的开展。

Based on the most recent data from the Statistics Bureau of Shanghai, the city has achieved 11.5 billion yuan in production value related to NEVs, exceeding 10 billion yuan for the first time, following year-on-year growth of 29.5% in 2016. 依据上海市统计局的最新数据,2016年上海新动力汽车相干产值初次打破100亿元,到达115亿元,同比增长29.5%。 The amount of NEVs grew rapidly due to policies like its free registration, multistage purchasing rebates, etc. NEVs accepted easily by Shanghai citizens also because of its green traveling concept. 由于如收费派司注册、多级推销补贴等政策的缘由,新动力汽车的数目敏捷添加。新动力汽车易于被上海市民承受,也是由于其绿色出行的观点。 In April 2016, Shanghai issued Interim Procedures for NEVs Purchasing Encouragement and Usage, having credit system as a pre-condition of NEVs purchasing for the first time. 2016年4月,上海市公布了《鼓舞购置和运用新动力汽车暂行方法》,使得信誉制度初次成为新动力汽车的一种推销前置条件。